Upcoming Events

We Deserve A Living: Anti-Poverty Week Conference 2018

Saturday October 27th, 9:00am – 4:30pm
West End Uniting Church – 11 Sussex St, Highgate Hill QLD 4101


Sunday October 28th, 10:00am – 2:30pm
Common House – 74b Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

Free Entry

For over two decades, our welfare system has been continually dismantled and devastated by the government. We’re treated like criminals and demonised by the media just for accessing the welfare payments we’re entitled to. We’re exploited through work for the dole, punished and restricted through the cashless welfare card and compete with each other in a job system that hasn’t got enough work – all for a social security wage that’s $400 below the poverty line every fortnight.

To make things worse, government departments are slashed and sold off to the highest bidder, allowing mental health to skyrocket and shooting up the cost of living. Public housing is ignored and investors are allowed to reign supreme, creating homelessness and ensuring the poorest are locked out of a place to live. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are punished and locked into poverty through the intervention. The NDIS is a failed system, workplace rights are falling apart, and the elderly and disabled are chastised just for existing.

The government wants us to feel shame and disgrace for being in poverty, for being poor. We refuse. We can’t trust the government to give us the respect, dignity and rights we deserve – we have to take it from them.

Join us on October the 27th & 28th for two days of conversation, stories, strategy and action. We’ll be discussing the punitive system deliberately making life as hard as possible for those out of work and living in poverty, and how we can struggle for justice and respect. We’ll be hearing from people on welfare and in poverty; voices ignored for far too long. We’ll also be hearing from organisers, activists, academics and economists – all fighting back across different areas of Australian society.

Recurring Events

Woodridge Centrelink Stalls


Centrelink Woodridge

Station Street, Logan Central, Queensland, 4114

Every Fortnight on Tuesday – 9 AM to 1 PM

Anti-Poverty Network QLD holds a fortnightly info stall out the front of Woodridge Centrelink, every fortnight from 9 AM to 1 PM.

If you’re experiencing any welfare related grief at all, whether it’s having trouble applying for payments, job search agencies setting unreasonable obligations on you, or Centrelink cutting your welfare payments, come and tell us about it.

We can arrange a time to meet and discuss your situation and even accompany you to appointments to ensure that you are receiving the dignity and welfare rights we all deserve.

Fortitude Valley Centrelink Stalls


Centrelink Fortitude Valley

435 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

Every Fortnight on Tuesday – 9 AM to 12 PM

Anti-Poverty Network QLD holds a fortnightly info stall out the front of Fortitude Valley Centrelink, every fortnight from 9 AM to 12 PM.

If you’re experiencing any welfare related grief at all, whether it’s having trouble applying for payments, job search agencies setting unreasonable obligations on you, or Centrelink cutting your welfare payments, come and tell us about it.

We can arrange a time to meet and discuss your situation and even accompany you to appointments to ensure that you are receiving the dignity and welfare rights we all deserve.

Past Events

Logan Community Day II

Saturday July 28th

9 AM to 3:30 PM

Kingston Butter Factory

Milky Way, Kingston, 4114

Poverty is not the fault of the individual, but the consequence of a society based on providing for the few instead of the many. Economic downturns, the lack of access to education, the rising cost of housing and increased cutting of social services affects everyone in our community. We need stand together and fight back against poverty, by addressing its root causes and by providing for one another.

On July 28th, Anti-Poverty Network QLD will be holding our second ever community day in Logan! We’re bringing together social workers, lawyers, advocates, unions, local community members and other organisations all engaged in tackling poverty. We’ll be providing free advice and guidance for anyone having issues with Centrelink, mental health, workplace rights and other areas as we confirm more individuals and groups!

We can help find out what services are available to support you, as well as helping you access those services and ensure your rights are respected and fought for.

We’ll be providing a free food bank and a free lunch hosted by the MUA. Free entry, all welcome!

Film Screening: The Castle

Bunyapa Park, West End, 4101

Sunday July 1st

6 PM to 10 PM

Free Entry, Dinner with Donation

On July 1st, Anti-Poverty Network QLD will be holding a film screening in Bunyapa Park, West End! The Castle is a 1997 comedy about the Kerrigan family in Melbourne, Australia, fighting against the council to keep their home after they’re served an eviction notice to allow for a development project. Dinner will be provided with donation, so bring along any spare change you have!

Dinner will be served at 6:00 PM, and the screening will start at 7:00 PM.

All proceeds will go to Anti-Poverty Network QLD and the work we do against poverty.

Logan Community Meeting

April 10th – 5 PM

Logan Central Library

The Study Room

26 Wilbur St, Logan Central

We’re sick of the constant attacks by the government on people who are just trying to get by. The cashless welfare card is yet another attack against people on welfare. The card restricts the amount of cash you can withdraw and quarantines 80% of people’s payments to a card that can only be used for pre-approved purchases at certain locations, like Coles or Woolworths.

This is an attack on the personal freedom of welfare recipients to spend their money how they choose and eliminates the possibility of low income people buying second hand from sites like Gumtree, or at farmer’s markets, to save on costs.

We refuse to have our payments kept from us like we’re children. We demand dignity and respect, and we’re going to fight to get it. On April 10th, we’ll be meeting at Logan Central Library, 5 PM, to discuss how we can join together and fight back against the cashless welfare card, and against government attacks on the poor. All welcome.

Anti-Poverty Network QLD Fundraiser Gig II

Common House

74b Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley

Saturday April 14th

6 PM – $10 Entry

We’re hosting our second ever fundraising gig on the 14th of April to raise funds for our second community day in Logan. We want to bring services and organisations together to provide help for those who need it. We want to give out a free food bank, free lunches, free dental checks, free advocacy and free advice, all in one location for the hardest done by in our society. Come along on April the 14th and drink, dance and celebrate with us, and help us raise funds to continue fighting against poverty!

Logan Community Day

Logan community day banner, says "Anti-Povert Network Presents, Logan Community Day" with a subtitle of "Free Community Lunch, Free Dental Checks for Kids"

On January 20th, Anti-Poverty Network QLD’s first anniversary, the grassroots welfare rights organisation comprising entirely of volunteers, hosted their first community day.

Anti-Poverty Network QLD, in collaboration with the Say No Cashless Welfare Card team, works off the belief that everyone is entitled to a decent standard of living, an ideal antithetical to reality. Issues relating to homelessness, poverty, the cashless welfare card, and welfare in general, are keeping vast numbers of the population oppressed, the middle class has all but disappeared as the wealth gap widens, and more than one-third of large Australian and foreign companies are still not paying a cent in company tax. Anti-Poverty Network QLD is comprised largely of individuals who have experienced what it means to survive on welfare. People who have decided to stand up, and establish an organisation of underprivileged individuals, working to lift themselves, and those around them, out of poverty.

This is why Anti-Poverty Network QLD’s work is so vital. Acting as the middle man, Anti-Poverty Network QLD brought people experiencing hardship together with a host of various services. These included Multilink, whose key services include settlement of new people into the community, comprehensive language support, help for aged and disability sectors, support for children, young people and families, and social engagement programs focusing on healthy lifestyles; Metro South HHS who was able to provide free dental checks to over 20 children, advice to adults, and information about oral health to many more; a number of people received professional legal advice; social workers helped people who needed guidance relating to homelessness and housing; an AUSLAN interpreter assisted with interviews and general translations; Life Without Barriers discussed their foster care program; and the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union was available to talk to anyone experiencing workplace difficulties. These services were complemented by the Anti-Poverty Network QLD booth which was run off its feet for most of the day by people needing guidance relating to Centrelink and Job Network Agency issues. Anti-Poverty Network QLD also provided a free community lunch and food bank at the event.

All of this was done off the backs of a small group of penniless volunteers, many themselves on Centrelink payments, who were able to organise the event in their spare time and on a shoestring budget. Anti-Poverty Network QLD is already looking forward to organising more of these events in the future, certain that the second time around will be even more of a success. There are many excellent services out there working tirelessly to help those experiencing hardship; by making them more easily accessible to people who may not even know they exist, Anti-Poverty Network QLD hopes to make life a bit easier for people doing it tough.